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Greenhas Group is specialized in the research, manufacturing and marketing of fertilizers and plant biostimulants to help the crops to produce more with less.
We aim to anticipate agricultural needs; strengthening plants and giving better fertility to soil with respect for the environment.
Innovative by vocation, we are committed on a daily basis to providing farmers with high quality products of guaranteed effectiveness thanks to a consistently intense research and development programme.

Corso Alba 85/89
12043 Canale CN

Tel. 0173 95433
Fax 0173 979464

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The passion for the nutrition of crops and the awareness of its importance for the future of our planet form the basis of our work. For over 35 years, every day, we have been committed to ensuring that our products concretely respond to the needs and expectations of the people who choose them.

We consolidated our range of fertilizers – for foliar application or fertigation – always choosing the best raw materials and distinguishing ourselves through the quality of our products in a way that is officially recognized. We are actively involved in studying products that can contribute to facing the most pressing issues, from soil depletion to a better use of water and nutrients, always remembering the concepts of sustainable agriculture and the circular economy.  Such concepts are strongly supported by the European Biostimulants Industry Council (Ebic) - an association of which we are the founding members, which promotes the role of biostimulants as products fundamental to obtaining the best expression of the genetic properties of the crops.

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