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COMPO EXPERT with its broad range of high-quality, innovative special fertilizers, is leader in the areas of broad acre crops, vegetables, fruits and vines, nursery & ornamentals, turf & public green, landscaping and forestry. Powerful EXPERT teams guarantee extensive support to the trade and the users in our market.

Via Marconato 8
20811 Cesano Maderno MB

Tel. 0362 1869011
Fax 0362 1869090

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As an innovation and technology leader with 60 years of experience in the fertilizer industry, COMPO EXPERT provides the highest quality solutions globally and generate value for its customers by combining excellent service with a deep understanding of local end-user requirements and a full portfolio range of highly specialized products:
·  NPK special mineral fertilizer: Blaukorn® (low in chloride)
·  Fertilizer with nitrification inhibitor (3,4 DMPP): NovaTec®
·  Slow-release fertilizer based on Isodur (IBDU): NPK Original Gold®, Floranid®
·  Partly-coated slow-release fertilizers: DuraTec® and Basatop®
·  Coated slow-release fertilizer: Basacote®
·  Nutrient salts: Basaplant®, Hakaphos® and NovaTec Solub®
·  Liquid fertilizers, for example Basfoliar® and Vitanica®
·  Trace element fertilizers, such as Fetrilon® and Hortrilon®

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