New Ag International

A publication dedicated to innovation in agriculture in the areas of nutrition and irrigation

New Ag International - rivista ed evento - fertirrigazione fertilizzanti irrigazione difesa biologica

New Ag International is a specialised magazine dedicated to technological innovation in agriculture.

In particular, it publishes services and in-depth analysis on specific topics such as fertigation and crop nutrition in general, irrigation, organic and environmentally friendly agriculture.

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Every year New Ag International staff organizes an event dedicated to the exchange of views between manufacturers, distributors, researchers and users of technical means for agriculture:. the "New Ag International Conference & Exhibition". The event takes place in Europe in odd years, Extra-EU in even ones. The last "Italian edition" was in Rome, in 2004. More recently, the symposium was host in Budapest (Hungary, 2007), New Delhi (India, 2008), Barcelona (Spain, 2009), Miami (USA, 2010), Bangkok (Thailand, 2012), Warsaw (Poland, 2014), New Delhi (India, 2015), Beijing (China, 2016).

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New Ag International organizes other events as well (click here for the full list).

Among these:

New Ag International - Florence 2015

the second World Congress dedicated to the use of biostimulants in agriculture took place in Florence in 2015.
The event, organized by New Ag International with the Platinum Sponsorship of Ebic (European Biostimulant Industry Council), included a series of analysis sessions conceived and developed by renowned experts and one area dedicated to networking.

The official website of the Congress is:
Image Line - with the portal - was Italian media partner of the event.

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