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Sipcam Italia, with its technical-commercial organisation, specialized and widespread throughout the territory, responds to defense and nutrition needs by proposing efficient solutions and strategies on a large number of crops.
Sipcam Italia is also a leader in soybean cultivation thanks to the complete offer of quality seeds.

Via Sempione 195
20016 Pero MI

Tel. 02 35378400
Fax 02 3390275, 02 33910876

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Sipcam Italia is part of Sipcam Oxon, the only private and independent Italian multinational in the crop protection and nutrition sector.
For over 70 years we have been alongside farmers to help them overcome the challenges of the future.

From the development activity in special nutrition, quality products are emerging in the field of physioactivators, for example BLACKJAK SOIL, ABYSS PRO, AGUADEMAYO which are accompanied by microgranular fertilizers such as UMOSTART and the new products based on microorganisms MARVITA STARFIX and NUTEX POWER.

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