ECOLOGICAL FERTILIZERS. Naturally rich in humic and fulvic acids.

UNIMER, an Italian company since 1969 leader of the ecological market of solid soil fertilizers, has been producing and selling effective, safe and environment friendly products with a high content of humified organic carbon, thus favouring crop sustainability and soil fertility preservation.

Via Filippo Turati 28
20121 Milano MI

Tel. 02 6556711
Fax 02 6597484

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UNIMER manufactures solid soil fertilizers, traditional organo-mineral (SIAPOR, AVANTAGE and FLEXIFERT ranges) and organic ones (BIOUNIMER range), soil conditioners and microelements (MICROSOL) that  meet the technical, economic and environmental needs of the most advanced agriculture, conforming to European health legislation.

Thanks to the excellent chemical-physical-agronomic features of UNIMER fertilizers, always granted by the meticulous industrial moisture control and the use of highly humified organic matrices, the nutrients enjoy high protection thus increase their efficiency and availability for the entire crop cycle granting excellent yields.

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