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Specialty for Agriculture

L. Gobbi srl is a company operating in Italy at the top of its sector for more than sixty years. L. Gobbi srl is manufacturer and distributor of the products in the specific field of plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers, chelated meso and microelements, soil conditioners and other specialties for the agriculture, even organic ones.

Via Vallecalda 33
16013 Campo Ligure GE

Tel. 010 920395
Fax 010 921400

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Since the 1980s, with the direct entry of the German parent company, E. Gerlach GmbH, an opening process towards the international market has begun which, with new commercial and know-how exchanges, has brought new enthusiasm and new stimuli to development and research.
L. Gobbi srl is the exclusive concessionary, for the agricultural sector, of E. Gerlach GmbH - Germany which operates at the highest levels in Europe in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.

Recently L. Gobbi srl has successfully started commercial relationships with various countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Holland, Libya, Israel and United Arab Emirates.
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For some years, the ecological awareness of its managers has been pushing the production and research of L. Gobbi srl more and more towards the creation of articles that, while maintaining high efficiency, allow use in organic crops (natural products) or that , making a reduced or zero impact on the environment, are of possible use if the integrated control protocols are followed.

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