AIFAR is an Italian company founded in 1974. It's a manufacturing company based on the production of high-specialized products for plants’ nutrition and growth. These products are plant growth regulators as well as hormonal action growth promoters. Foliar organo-mineral fertilizers are also produced. They are carboxylic acids suitable for biological agriculture as well as microbiological products.

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AIFAR, operating since 1974, is an innovative company on continuous growth  in the plant nutrition area.
All over these years, we have been specializing in the production of excellent products.  That is the result of a meticulous research in which the efficacy of our final goods has been proven both on National and International markets. They highly respond to growers’ need.
All of the products found in our catalog are designed, tested and manufactured in the Ronco Scrivia ( Genoa ) industrial plant. Aifar guarantees a high level of quality. Our company obtained the UNI ISO 9001:  a 2015 certification ensuring the best quality in our goods. The final design, the production and the marketing are continuously being studied and improved in each detail.
Aifar also obtained a Production Workshop authorized by Ministry of Health for the production of pesticides.
Aifar company provides customers with a highly specialized technical support. 

Our range of products consists of:
- PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS: based on natural and synthetic plant hormones. They have different actions as attachment, rooting and growth stimulation. All of these supplies have been registered at the Ministry of Health.
- GROWTH STIMULANTS: they are different in their nature. They actually are based on plant extracts and amino-acids, too. They are promoters stimulating  allegation, growth and the ripening of fruit. Therefore, they are able to improve the quality of the production and its organoleptic features such as color, flavor, sugar content, size.
- FERTILIZERS: we produce all types of fertilizers based on macro-elements, trace elements and micro-elements. They can be liquid, powder, mineral and organ-mineral. They are used in foliar and root system. They are also suitable for any irrigation system.
- CARBOXYSTEM: these products contain substances which allow the development of plants at its best. These substances are bound to selected natural carboxylic acids to speed their action up. One of the most relevant effects of these products is to overcome the salinity of both the soil and the irrigation water. They improve the physic-chemical properties of the soil. Yet, they improve the organoleptic and mechanical qualities of the fruit such as e.g. consistency, sugar content, longevity. That is possible by slowing down the process of internal decomposition of the fruit during the storage and trade. These products accelerate the absorption of substances necessary to the plant. They also accelerate the transport to the point of synthesis.
- BIOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS: Aifar line of organic products has been studied in order to allow the use in organic farming of products  used in professional agriculture. Aifar BIO line was created after a very long experience with the professional line to obtain new products  in tune with nature. This line was designed for all types of crops, organic, conventional, traditional and modern ones. Our aim is to obtain results best than ever  by using natural substances. The formulation of these products has been developed care for organic production needs and the laws behind the process. Our goal was to safeguard the characteristics that have  made AIFAR products  primary in each phase of fruit and vegetable cultivation, particularly  by safeguarding its effectiveness. The  result of our study has been the creation of a highly professional line responding to concerns regarding the balance between ecosystem and the respect of the environment. This allows the growth of a sustainable agriculture and optimal management of resources.
- VARIOUS PRODUCTS: these are auxiliary products in agriculture  such as pH correctors, detergents and disinfectants for agricultural equipment.

Our company is present throughout the country  through a network with employees, area agents and technicians. Aifar exports its products in the Mediterranean area, such as Southern Europe, North Africa and The Middle East. All over these areas, our products are increasingly getting known both on crops traditionally present in Italy and on typical local crops.
AIFAR provides all of the technical data sheets of its products as well as the crop cards by crop and detailed information to obtain best results from the correct use of formulations.


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