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An open agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all. No limits, no borders.
UPL Italy is focused on agriculture providing high-quality products for their crops. The widespread structure refers to their technical needs and supporting their purchases. The company counts on catalogs of products, suitable for every need

Via Terni 275 - Località San Carlo
47522 Cesena FC

Tel. 0547 661523
Fax 0547 661450

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UPL is a leading company for the production and distribution of biostimulants, special fertilizers and crop protection products. A complete portfolio composed by best quality raw materials, innovative and exclusive formulations and high technical performances.
The 5th agrochemical company in the world, UPL is a global leader in global food systems.
Each action is geared to sustainability reporting, paying maximum attention to three sustainability components: environmental, technical and economic.

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