You can see here the list of the companies that produce or distribute fertilizers for agriculture you can use for your plants: ranging from fertilizers to soil improvers, from tilling substrates to correctives and specific action products. Click on the company name to see contact details and catalogue.

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ECOLOGICAL FERTILIZERS. Naturally rich in humic and fulvic acids.
Via Filippo Turati 28 – 20121 Milano MI - Italy
Tel. 02 6556711 – Fax 02 6597484

UPL Italia

Doing Things Better
Via Terni 275 - Località San Carlo – 47522 Cesena FC - Italy
Tel. 0547 661523 – Fax 0547 661450
Frazione Rocchetta 6 - San Severino Marche – 62100 Macerata MC - Italy
Tel. 0733 636203 – Fax 0733 636203
Unione Europea Tartuficoltori
Via Generale dalla Chiesa, 7 – 36075 Montecchio Maggiore VI - Italy
United Chemical Holding
Boulevard Roosevelt 15L2450 – - Italy

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