You can see here the list of the companies that produce or distribute fertilizers for agriculture you can use for your plants: ranging from fertilizers to soil improvers, from tilling substrates to correctives and specific action products. Click on the company name to see contact details and catalogue.

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Lima Europe
2840 - Rumst - Doelhaagstraat 77/1 – - Belgium
Linea Natura
Via Faval, 1 – 37012 Bussolengo VR - Italy
Tel. 045 7235454
Linzer Agro Trade
Buchnerplatz 1 - A 4021 Linz – - Austria
Lipitalia 2000
Strada Comunale di Rivoli, 2/4 – 10090 Bruino TO - Italy
Tel. 011 9567900 – Fax 011 9567994
Luca Viano
Via Bottego, 3 – 13048 Santhià VC - Italy
Tel. 0161 972823

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