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Arysta Lifescience born from the merger of Arysta, Agriphar, Chemtura and Goemar in 2015-2016, in 2017 at the Italian level starts an ambitious plan of changes in terms of human capital and structures, which culminates with the transfer of its headquarters to Agrate Brianza,near Milan. At the end of the big changes led by the new CEO Leonardo Bertelli, Arysta Lifescience Italia is ready for the new challenges of the market. A renovated and expanded headquarters team. Sales force implemented by qualified and experienced resources. A technical / marketing support network to create value for the supply chain.

Via Paracelso 2
20864 Agrate Brianza MB
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Tel. 039 9300418
Fax 039 9300417

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Arysta Lifescience was founded in autumn 2015 following the acquisition made by the American group Platform Specialty Products of 4 companies operating at different levels in the specialized crops field: Arysta, Chemtura, Agriphar e Goemar, which is strongly engaged in the research and development of Biosolutions and Bio-pharmaceuticals originated from seaweed.
Goemar's experience includes historical brands such as BM 86, Ecofert, Vivaflor, Calibra, based on the active substance GA 142, filtered with seaweed cream obtained through an exclusive and patented production process in the center of St. Malò in France.
These historic products, together with a range of new entry, allow Arysta to operate today in the Biostimulant market with specific products having very high performance, in compliance with current legislation, allowing to obtain clear and measurable increases in both qualitative and quantitative terms in the agricultural production field.
Thanks to a unique strategy, Arysta offers several solutions suitable for each culture integrating chemical, biological and nutritional specialties, constantly evolving thanks to the continuous work of their research centers located in France, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

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