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AgriAlgae®: High quality agricultural biostimulants based on the combination of carefully selected microalgae strains which are mixed in an optimal proportion. Due to an excellent raw material, provided by a combination of different microalgae strains in an optimal proportion, in addition to the exclusive UPT® technology and to state-of-the-art production processes, AlgaEnergy offers an innovative, sustainable and, more especially, effective solution: the biostimulants AgriAlgae®, 100% based on microalgae. Applied in small doses, AgriAlgae® not only helps to obtain greater yields and productivities, but also optimizes and improves the qualitative parameters and organoleptic properties, which is translated into more profitable productions for farmers.

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AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology-based company founded in 2007 fully dedicated to the sector of Microalgae. With company participation by a listed multinational company, the Japanese YOKOGAWA - in the ranking of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world -, it consolidates the deep knowledge in the science of microalgae existent in Spain, generated by universities over the past almost 5 decades. Microalgae are living microorganisms existing since millions of years. In fact, they are single-celled organisms that are the precursors of all plant-based life on Earth and provide us with over 50% of the oxygen we breathe. Given their rich composition of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids - among others - together with their consequential advantages they offer, microalgae are the origin of many beneficial products for humanity, addressing a wide range of sectors. Microalgae are the most efficient CO2 fixation system, storing up to 2 kg of CO2 per each kg of biomass produced. There are more than 60,000 different strains that grow in all type of water, thus offering a vast biodiversity. They are also very productive, even allowing a daily harvest, and they do not compete with human nutrition, since they do not need fertile soils to be grown. They are therefore an inexhaustible source, unparalleled with regards to their nutritional value.
AlgaEnergy collaborates, always as sole microalgae company, with more than 150 world-class scientific partners, (universities, research centers and companies) in the field of research and has designed, built, as well as operates the most advanced and pioneering microalgae cultivation plants internationally renowned. The company owns two culturing facilities: The Technological Microalgal Experimentation Platform (PTEM), located at the “Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas” Airport and build in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport (Government of Spain), IBERIA (Spanish Airlines), and AENA (the world’s leading airport operator). It is possibly the R&D’s most powerful and versatile private tool within the international arena of microalgal biotechnology. The other facility is the plant of “Arcos de la Frontera”, which has the goal of biofixating the CO2 from industrially originated real flue gas emissions via microalgae culturing, transforming this noxious gas into products of commercial interest. This plant has been constructed in an extension of 10,000m2, annexed to the biggest Combyned Cycle Power Plant in Spain, owned by AlgaEnergy’s partner and shareholder IBERDROLA (public company), and takes its main nutrient –the CO2-, directly from the emitting chimney. Additionally, AlgaEnergy owns the UPT® Production Center, exclusively dedicated to the production of the AgriAlgae® range of biostimulants.
With regards to the sector of agriculture, AlgaEnergy is today the only company in the world that possesses its own microalgae production plants that are dedicated mainly to the agricultural sector. This decision was motivated by the extraordinary results achieved after 10 years of applied R&D in the production and enhancement of microalgae, which gave birth to the innovative and effective AgriAlgae® biostimulants, composed by a range of high quality biostimulants, obtained by combining different microalgae strains that are cultivated in state-of-the-art and cutting-edge plants, whose effectiveness in terms of increasing yields and improving qualities is demonstrated by numerous independent field trials. Farmers all over the world are already relying on its biostimulants in order to take care of their crops and achieve greater returns.

The biostimulant that works
Besides, the company’s efforts bear fruit, and the great popularity of AgriAlgae® is consolidated all over the world by the establishment of its own subsidiaries across all the continents - United States, India, Turkey, Italy, France, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan -, and by its operations, that scope more than 20 countries. AlgaEnegy’s solid-based research work has been recognized by different National Governments and by the European Commission, who has selected and supports AlgaEnergy as one of the companies with the greatest growth potential of the European continent. It is in fact the first microalgae biotech company in the world that becomes a B Corporation (B Corp) and thus joins an exclusive group of firms like Patagonia, Illy Caffè, Evian, Danone, Alpro, Ben & Jerry’s, Burton, WeTransfer, etc. that satisfy the highest standards of social and environmental impacts.
Our activity and efforts have turned into a success story, which has deserved the international recognition of reputed institutions and collaborators worldwide, whom we thank for their support to our activities and commitment to innovation and sustainability. R&D is a major part of our DNA and like microalgae, it is our origin, but it is also our future.



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