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Isagro invents, produces and distributes plant production products with a low environmental impact, both chemical and biological ones, in line with the most innovative agriculture. Isagro was created in 1993 and it was listed in the Stock Market Exchange, in the STAR segment, in 2003. Its production takes place in five plants (four are in Italy, one in India); its distribution is carried out in 80 countries. Discovery represents the 10% of Isagro annual turnover (about 150 million Euro in 2017) and involves around 100 people of its 650 employees.

Caldera Park - Via Caldera 21
20153 Milano MI

Tel. 02 409011
Fax 02 45280350

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Isagro’s mission is to supply innovative responses to the more and more complex and growing requests from the agricultural world. Actually, talking about the bio-integrated struggle, Isagro – thanks to its Novara Research Centre - offers a rich amount of solutions and services that are summed up in the 2019 Catalogue (as per the 128/2009 EC directive on the plants protection products sustainable use ). Three are the portfolio speciality lines: bio-plant production products (the Trichoderma asperellum and Trichoderma gamsii based ones) for the defence against the fungal pathogens attacking different crops; the pheromones declined in many technologies such as monitoring, trapping and sexual disorientation; the bio-stimulants and soil improvers


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