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BIOGARD®, Division of CBC (Europe) S.r.l represents a point of reference in the sector of biological control means in agriculture, not only in the Italian panorama, but also at an international level through the CBC IBERIA S.a.u. (Spain), CBC BIOGARD S.a.s. (France) and BIOGARD GREECE LLC (Greece).

Via Zanica 25
24050 Grassobbio BG

Tel. 0353 35313
Fax 0353 35334

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Since 2016, BIOGARD® has introduced the Biological First slogan.

The philosophy and mission of BIOGARD® are expressed in two easy-to-understand words, focused on the development of biological control with semiochemicals, biopesticides and auxiliaries. The new slogan also recalls other concepts: biological control means are always listed first in the Integrated Production Regulations, while, from a technical point of view, they must often be used in advance, before the adversity to fight appears. So always "First".

At the forefront since the beginning of its activity, or among the pioneers of the sector, BIOGARD® wants to distinguish itself in the development of unconventional control strategies of agricultural adversities, all in compliance with the laws for the marketing of Phytosanitary Products.
Also in this we intend to always be First, especially with agricultural operators who perceive us as the "First" in our sector.

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