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Probelte's Agrowin Nutritional Line is able to offer products that improve the quality and quantity of agricultural production while respecting the environment and the end consumer. The collaboration with Probelte has led to the creation of biotechnological agro-products, many of which are patented, made up of bacteria suited for bio-fertilisation.
The reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the reduction of the use of inorganic fertilisers of industrial origin, and the reduction of nitrates are the guidelines that inspire and direct the development of all our products.

Via F. Musazzi 24
20025 Legnano MI

Tel. 0331 440977
Fax 0331 540862

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Agrowin Biosciences has been active for twenty years in the distribution of crop protection and plant nutrition products and is a consolidated and growing reality in the Italian market. Agrowin Biosciences has always addressed the professional distribution system by offering technically innovative tools and defence strategies in response to the needs of the agricultural world and in support of the sustainability of production and the environment.

Indofil Industries Limited, headquartered in Mumbai (India) is present in over 100 countries, through direct distributors and five operating subsidiaries. Through the acquisition of Agrowin Biosciences, Indofil Industries takes another important step towards creating a stronger presence in the European markets.

Probelte, a leading company in the Spanish market, has developed, over the years, a prestigious line of fertilisers, biostimulants and corroborants capable of performing a synergistic action for crop nutrition and defence.

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