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Quality harvests, high yields and perfect crops are the result of highly innovative fertilizers. Quality pays beck because it means better earnings, better working conditions and savings. This is why at ICL we are totally focused on fertilizers' quality. We create 360° nutritional solutions to ensure excellent harvests with fewer applications.

Via Monterumici 8
31100 Treviso TV

Tel. 0422 436331
Fax 0422 436332

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Farmers working with ICL’s fertilizers get an undisputed added value: more results, less waste, more income, less effort.

WORLD LEADER: how many times have you heard this expression? Yet we struggle to find another definition to better describe ICL: it operates in 5 continents with more than 11,000 employees and manages the entire supply chain: owned mines, R&D laboratories, production units, distribution and technical support in 3 sectors: Agricultural Fertilizers, Food Products, Engineering Materials.

Agricultural Fertilizers sector is further split into Agriculture, Hornamental and Turf.
Strength of a global group & local support. Seamless Research & Development for innovative technologies matching to local needs. A success story & a lot of experience

ICL fertilizers: more results, less waste, more income, less effort

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