BIO BASIC N 8 it is composed by free Left-rounded Aminoacids, derivating from hydrolisis of proteic ingredients of animal origin. Due to the high Nitrogen content BIO BASIC N 8 can integrate or replace the mineral Nitrogen fertilisation; since it is sourced exclusively from organic matrix, it can be involved into the biological cycle without altering it as if it was supplying elements noxious or harmful to the environment. BIO BASIC N 8 has the key characteristic to be a powerful antistress for the crop against adverse climatic conditions and pests.. Thanks to the natural components included, the product is able to improve plant structure, increase productivity and reinforce plant against pathogens attacks. ALLOWED

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Product specifications

Type of fertilizer: Organic fertilizers - Fluid organic nitrogenous fertilizers
Fertilizer family: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)

Destination market: Italian

Nutritional elements

Primary nutrional elements - Macroelements

Available packs

  • Package 1.0 Kg
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